Our Inspiration comes from numerous elements of Mechanical and Simulations R&D, through CAD/CAM Manufacturing Processes, and through the dedication to the establishment of the Lightest, Fastest, and most Efficient forms of Human Powered Vehicles in the International Bike Manufacturing Industry.

Through our studies, we are able to create numerous custom engineered products and components that are designed to function in the streets, with a perfectly balanced and geared drivetrain to handle the loads, and the demand for progress.

As our vehicles are developed and sized to cater to a variety of operators, and combined with our integrated component sets, they can perform specific types of Utility and Work Bike Services. We have centered our efforts around creating long-lasting products, that can not only be used for an individual's needs, but can be interchanged with numerous Work Bike Accessories to configure a utility function into the operation of the vehicles, with the capacity to replace the motorized vehicle in the streets, anywhere, anytime.

From CAD to Prototype Conception, we take raw T6 6061Grade Aluminum and 17-4 Grade Stainless Steel materials, Hydroform Extrusions, Mill Ignots, WaterJet Cut Flat Plates and Sheet Metals, Build Custom Jigs, MiG/TiG Frames and Reinforcements with Multi-Pass Procedures, develop unique solutions to component configuration to eliminate fatigue and undue resistance, and provide the smoothest running and best looking vehicles for the most affordable price around.

With International Partnership in Manufacturing, and the development of an International Distribution and Sales Network, we are able to bring these vehicles to the platform of a Global Marketplace that has generated a huge demand for these vehicles, and we are able to deliver.

We hope to be the first to be able to achieve the goal of creating a Zero Emissions Vehicle, that can fuel the growing commercial need for newer ingeniously designed Human Powered Vehicles.

 Our innovation

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