A Secret Mission For The King

  Beale Papers & The Peralta Maps

 Forrest Fenn's Thrill Of The Chase

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  Jesse James & Younger Gang Troves


 Specializing In:

  • CodeBreaking
  • Trove and Cache Location
  • Recovery & Extraction of Lost Goods, and Items of Importance
  • Navigation, Charting, and Sub-Level Exploration of Unknown Locations
  • Recovery of Items in Extreme and Hostile Locations
  • Special Projects - Mechanical Design and Engineering, Prototyping, and Manufacturing

                                            Recently Completed Projects:

  • Forrest Fenn Trove - Two scouting trips to chart areas involved, and locate THE BLAZE .........Nothing Recovered To Date/Additional Markings Found
  • Wolf Map, Madrugada Estrella Mapa Oro, & Horse Saddle Map - Located Coin Stash, Plated Bar Stash Location, and Camp Stash Location, fully derived with all markers located via On Foot Examination .......... All Locations Charted for Permitting
  • Deciphered the Beale Codes / Peralta Stones - First to decipher Persher Codes, and to find both trove locations and mines in 150+ years of searching
  • Fully Deciphered Rennes Le Chateau Mystery & Rosicrucian Mystery - located tomb & resting place of Jesus and Mary with the Menorah and the Torah, from using older works of F. Bacon/Shakespeare, N. Poussin, D. Teniers, Guercino, and others
  • Deciphered the D. Teniers painting and Yarmouth Carvings - locating the second set of troves in Vermont, including the Masonic Vault spoken about in the tale of the Sublime Prince with the Greatest Royal Secret, and carved into the Code on the Liberty Bell
  • Cracked Cryptos on CIA Grounds - Layer One and Layer Two, including locations