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The finished products available for sale from Pedal Power Work Bikes are available through our dealers, local bike stores, and directly through our website.

Available in any region across the globe through Land, Sea, and Air Freight shipping channels, we are able to deliver any quantity needed to stock your showrooms, or fuel your fleets.

Pedal Power Work Bikes has advanced the Work Bike Industry to be able to handle the demand of Companies around the world.  Our designs are unique in many ways, featuring lightweight frames and extremely efficient drive trains. 

With the demand for high performance Service Vehicles in the Work Bike Industry, we have taken the initiative of creating products to fit into numerous service applications, with a focus on integrating these solutions into the everyday operations of the Companies we do business with.



We design Integrated Business Solutions for the Work Bike Industry, allowing Commercial Vendors, Transportation Services, and Individuals to harness our concepts for their progress.

We cater our designs to the needs of the Company, and the Riders who operate our vehicles daily. 

When you're ready to us.